Welcome to Our Gluten Free Story. Since 2013, my daughter and I have been gluten-free due to different health issues.  We loved to bake but quickly found out that there just weren't many delicious products out there...   We were both convinced that there HAD to be better alternatives for pie crusts, breads, pancakes, cakes and all the yummy stuff we craved than the flours and mixes available to us locally.  After much tweaking recipes and experimenting with different flours, I finally perfected my own Gluten-Free flour blend that both my family and I were happy with.  Later, I began working at a local cafe where I shared some of my creations.  Everyone that tried the baked goods made with my own special flour blend, really loved them!  Now, we are so excited that we are able to make these baking/cooking mixes & blends available to you so you can create your own GF goodies at home.

Happy Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking

- Audra